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The Tree of Life

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

We all human beings, creatures, living things are all connected to our each other within the collective consciousness like this giant tree’s roots on my oil painting of "The Tree of Life"

The white trees on that painting were thought & imagined as the Spirits of Our Ancestors.

The light which comes across from the Sun pass through from the leaves of "The Tree of Life" and & surrounds us within its energy.

By the way the roots of "The Tree of Life" looks alike our neural networks in our brains again like the same in the "Path to the Darkest Forest" which is also one of my original handmade oil painting.

This is a very old & giant tree which I painted and also you can see more or less the same tree images in Google with searching "baobab" word. These trees are also mentioned as the "The Tree of Life" by its native people because these trees are the most long-lived ones. But Unfortunately these trees which are also the symbols of Africa and lived for thousands of years are now dying because of Global Warming.

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