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Path to The Darkest Forest

"The light will be reached us after the Deepest Dark like of this Forest." This is the meaning of my original handmade oil painting.

I would like to point in this painting that we can spent hardest days in our lifes & we may think that we have lost everything & can no longer return and win again. After that pitchy black, the time for the light begins and it will be reached to us. After all these difficulties and pains that we lived, we should learn and see that essentially these happenings all are improved us and hopefully we will reach a timeline which everything evolves towards in good and beautiful.

On the Other Hand as this painting painted on canvas with only using Black & White Colors but there is also another color in this painting as this is Grey Color. So I would like to indicate here that "There is no direct Black or White Color to describe us, we all are different shades of the Grey Color" Btw I would also like to remark that the branches of the trees look alike the neural networks in our brains.😉

At the end I don't want to interpret my painting as burned forests but as I want to draw attention to the forest fires recently happened mostly regarding Global Warming especially in Turkey & Australia, I would say that these undesirable events are all caused Unfortunately because of our human beings' unconsciousness way of living, foregetting that we all linked to the Nature & Our Emotion of Greed. But there is always Hope If you can look with the eyes Full of Hope then you can see the growing plants on my painting...

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